Note to Financial Advisors:

To All Advisors Who Intend to Sign Up for the Service:


If you are an individual representing yourself as a financial advisor and you have the following items:

  • a properly credentialed designation
  • financial education from a respectable provider
  • proper licensing
  • reasonable experience
  • are not a felon
  • have few, resolved, or no customer complaints

It is very likely that you will receive a respectable StarRating© from


We believe our listing service will become invaluable to highly regarded financial advisors who want to grow and retain their book of business.


If you are an individual representing yourself as a financial advisor and you do not have the following items:

·          financial education or certification from a respectable provider

·          proper licensing


And/Or if you are involved in the following actions:

·          selling what may be considered an fraudulent investment

·          selling what may be considered an unsuitable product

·          you are giving securities advice without a securities license


And/Or if you are presenting:

·          fake financial credentials

·          certifications that are not financial in nature

·          designations that you obtained primarily for marketing purposes


These are the types of advisors we are cautioning the investing public against.  Please do not sign up for our service hoping that will provide you with the look of legitimacy.


Our copy-written formula is designed to expose inferior and unqualified advisors and penalize them with a very low score and a StarRating© of one or two stars.


Per the terms and conditions of the membership agreement and our merchant agreement


We will not refund your membership dues or registration fee because you receive a low StarRating©.


 Contact us via telephone or email if you have questions about our criteria.


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