Financial Designation List

Below is a list of the Financial Designations that currently tracks. There are more designations that we do not follow for the following reasons: they are not directly related to personal financial planning, they are primarily designed for marketing purposes, they may not provide significant educational value, or they may be fake designations. This list is not intended to list all of the financial designations that are available, just the ones that have been reviewed by

Currently, there are 74 designations tracked by

* Has obtained Independent Accreditation.

* Is offered by an Accredited Institution.


# Designation Full name
1 AAMS Accredited Asset Management Specialist
2 AEP Accredited Estate Planner
3 AFC Accredited Financial Counselor
4 APP Asset Protection Planner
5 AWMA Accredited Wealth Management Advisor
6 BCA Board Certified in Annuities
7 BCAA Board Certified in Asset Allocation
8 BCE Board Certified in Estate Planning
9 BCM Board Certified in Mutual Funds
10 BCS Board Certified in Securities
11 C3DWP 3 Dimensional Wealth Practitioner
12 CAA Certified Annuity Advisor
13 CAC Certified Annuity Consultant
14 CAIA Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
15 CAM Chartered Asset Manager
16 CAS Certified Annuity Specialist
17 CASL Chartered Advisor for Senior Living
18 CCPS Certified College Planning Specialist
19 CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
20 CEA Certified Estate Advisor
21 CEIAS Certified Equity Indexed Annuity Specialist
22 CEP Certified Estate Planner
23 CEPP Certified Estate Planning Professional
24 CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
25 CFG Certified Financial Gerontologist
26 CFP Certified Financial Planner©
27 Certificate Certificate in Financial Planning
28 CFPN Christian Financial Professional Network
29 CFS Certified Fund Specialist
30 ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant
31 ChFE Chartered Financial Engineer
32 ChFEBC Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant
33 CIC Chartered Investment Counselor
34 CIMA Certified Investment Management Analyst
35 CLTC Certified Long Term Care
36 CLU Chartered Life Underwriter
37 CMA Chartered Market Analyst
38 CMFC Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor
39 CPFC Certified Personal Finance Counselor
40 CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager
41 CPWA Chartered Private Wealth Advisor
42 CRC Certified Retirement Counselor
43 CRFA Certified Retirement Financial Advisor
44 CRP Certified Retirement Planner
45 CRPC Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
46 CSA¹ Certified Senior Advisor¹
47 CSC Certified Senior Consultant
48 CSEP Certified Specialist in Estate Planning
49 CSFP Chartered Senior Financial Planner
50 CSRP Certified Specialist in Retirement Planning
51 CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner
52 CTFA Certified Trust and Financial Advisor
53 CWC Certified Wealth Counselor
54 CWM Chartered Wealth Manager
55 CWPP Certified Wealth Preservation Planner
56 CWS Certified Wealth Strategist
57 CWSS Certified Wealth Smart Strategist
58 FAD Financial Analyst Designate
59 Elite IRA Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor Group
60 FSS Financial Services Specialist
61  LUTCF Life Underwriter Training Counselor 
62 Master Elite Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor Group
63 MCEP Master Certified Estate Planner
64 MFP Master Financial Professional
65 PFS Personal Financial Specialist
66 PRPS Personal Retirement Planning Specialist
67 QFP Qualified Financial Planner
68 RFA Registered Financial Associate
69 RFC Registered Financial Consultant
70 RFP Registered Financial Planner
71 RFS Registered Financial Specialist
72 RIS Retirement Income Specialist
73 SRFP Senior Registered Financial Planner
74 WMS Wealth Management Specialist

¹ Not a "Financial" Designation.

Do you have a designation that is not on this list?  Are you a designation provider that would like to have your designation included in the© listing?  If the answer is yes to either question, email and we will respond with the information you need.

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